Some of the season’s highlights:


After a couple of bad weather days, the sun finally came out and showed her face and we managed 5 Nyala trophies in one day (it was a very long day it must be said).


A South African family hunt was also very special. To see a father taking the time to teach his son and daughter the correct ethics of hunting as well as rifle safety is priceless. We all had an amazing time with some very close encounters. Adam shot a Warthog at very close range and Aimee (a first time hunter) made a great shot on a Zebra that was over 322 yards away.


Finally, to finish off a a great season Ant helped us take down a rogue buffalo bull which proved to be a very exciting hunt. The winds kept changing direction and the buffalo kept getting closer to our position! Ant made a one shot kill at 45 yards with the 375 Sako with a Winchester action.

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