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Lindale Farm

Simon Amm, your Professional Hunting Guide and Host is the 7th generation of the Amm family to farm on the historic Lindale Farm.

Lindale has been lovingly restored by the Amm family and, after numerous forays into other agricultural ventures – that include Tobacco, Ostriches, Pineapples, Dairy amongst others by previous owners, is now home to a herd of disease free buffalo cattle and many other species of game.


Prior to the arrival of the 1820 Settler’s, Lindale was farmed by a Dutch Settler family. The Wedderburn family acquired the property and named it Lindale – after a beautiful village in the Lake District of England. The Lindale Private Game Reserve is 6800 acres.

The Amm family started farming Lindale in 1854 when Philip Amm married the widow Wedderburn, after they had both lost their respective spouses.


Interestingly, Philip Amm’s first wife was the daughter of Richard Gush – famous in these parts for saving the village of Salem from Xhosa warriors in 1835. There is a monument on Lindale marking the spot where Richard Gush met with the Xhosa warriors to negotiate a peace settlement. The hugely superior force of Xhosas admired the courage of the unarmed settlers and that same spirit of “Ubuntu” lives on at Lindale today.


The Assegaai River flows through the length of the farm and this has enabled the construction of two large dams that hold a vast expanse of water to which have been attracted numerous species of birds – including pairs of  Fish Eagles and Crowned Eagles, Cape Clawless Otters, Waterfowl and Fish.


On the plains and in the valleys you will encounter all manner of free roaming wildlife – Buffalo, majestic Kudu, Zebra, Giraffe, Sable Antelope, Eland, Oribi, Bontebok, the elusive Blue Duiker, Impala, Nyala and other animals too numerous to mention.


Grandad Rex, Peter and Lorette and their children Simon and Kate consider it a privilege to be custodians of this beautiful property located near Grahamstown in what is known as Settler Country.


They look forward to welcoming you and will endeavour to make your stay a never to be forgotten and pleasurable experience.



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Salem, Makana District,

Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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